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Posted by Service Officer on September 14th, 2008

Currently, enlistees may be eligible for up to a $20,000 cash signing bonus for select careers and up to $32,000 for your college education through the Montgomery G.I. Bill and other incentive programs. The Guard offers many federal benefits/entitlements to their unit members and their families such as the Base Exchange, Commissary, use of Morale Welfare And Recreation facilities, and up to $400,000 life insurance at reduced rates. Members can also take advantage of Tricare Reserve Select Health Insurance and Tricare Dental. Both of these Health Insurance programs offer low cost premiums that round out the benefits necessary for families to maintain good health. Federal education benefits through the Montgomery G.I. Bill are available to most unit members provided they enlist for 6 years. These benefits are available to members after completion of basic training and technical school. This program is a non-contributory benefit, meaning no payment or reduction in pay is required to receive these benefits. Federal benefits received: Montgomery GI Bill chapter 1606; up to $317 per month to offset college cost of attending college fulltime. Other Education Benefits for members enlisting for six years in a critical skills job are: Montgomery GI Bill kicker up to $350 per month for full-time college enrollment, Student loan repayment program; up to $20,000 paid throughout enlistment. If you have prior military service and elected the active duty MGIB, you may still take advantage of this benefit up to a maximum of 48 months of combined benefits at the full-time rate. In addition to the federal benefits listed above, each state may offer additional benefits for their members such as: up to 100% tuition assistance, state tax deferment, and reduced auto license fees. Some of these benefits extend to member’s families. To search for benefits by state refer to www.goang.com/benefits/. For more information refer to:

• Army Guard: www.1-800-GO-GUARD.com

• Air Guard: site is www.GOANG.com

• Coast Guard Reserve: http://www.gocoastguard.com

• Marine Corps Reserve: http://www.marforres.usmc.mil/join/Bonus.asp

• Navy Reserve: http://www.navyreserve.com/?campaign=Reprise_YahooPI_Homepage_Homepage_Text

[Source: NGAUS Leg Up 5 Sep 08 ++]

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