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Posted by Service Officer on September 14th, 2008

Following are some September significant events that occurred in military history:


• 1783 – The Peace Treaty of Versailles was signed between the USA, Britain, France, and Spain, ending the American Revolution.

• 1787 – United States Constitution Approved.

• 1814 – US Naval Captain Oliver Hazard Perry defeated a British flotilla in the Battle of Lake Erie (War of 1812).

• 1814 – During a British naval attack on the City of Baltimore, Francis Scott Key composed a poem entitled “The Star Spangled Banner.”

• 1847 – American forces captured Mexico City, effectively ending the Mexican War.

• 1864 – Confederate troops abandoned Atlanta in the face of continuing attacks by federals under General W.S. Sherman (Civil War).

• 1899 – Founding of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States.

• 1908 – LT Thomas E. Selfridge was killed at Ft. Myer, VA, in a plane flown by Orville Wright. Selfridge was the first man to die in an airplane accident.

• 1939 – German troops invaded Poland, beginning World War II.

• 1939 – Britain and France declared war on Germany (World War II).

• 1941 – British Naval forces sank the German battleship Bismarck off the French coast (World War II).

• 1943 – The allied invasion of Italy began (World War II).

• 1945 – V-J Day, Japan signed formal surrender (World War II).

• 1951 – Battle of Heart Break Ridge began (Korean War).

• 1962 – United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps Incorporated.

• 1967 – Siege of Con Thien Began (Vietnam War).

• 1969 – President Richard Nixon ordered resumption of heavy bombing of North Vietnamese targets (Vietnam War).

• 1994 – Operation Uphold Democracy began (Haiti).

[Source: VetJobs Veteran Eagle Newsletter 1 Sep 08 ++]

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