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Posted by Service Officer on September 14th, 2008

Tricare beneficiaries who qualify for Medicare Part A will automatically be enrolled in Medicare Part B at an increased marginal cost unless declined by the beneficiary. However, subject to the exceptions noted below, the consequences for declining Medicare B can be potentially disastrous, as Tricare can pay nothing for care while a beneficiary is eligible for Medicare Part A unless the beneficiary also has Medicare Part B coverage. Tricare will also recoup any benefit payments made to physicians for a disqualified beneficiary for the period that the beneficiary was eligible for Medicare Part A but declined Medicare Part B. The same consequence would apply to Tricare beneficiaries who are awarded two years or more of retroactive Medicare Part A coverage because of a Social Security disability award but decline the option to take Medicare Part B for the period of retroactive Medicare Part A coverage. Any payments made to physicians during a period of retroactive Medicare Part A coverage for which Medicare Part B is declined will be recouped by Tricare.

The mandatory Medicare Part B enrolment rule does not apply if the beneficiary has an active duty sponsor, is enrolled in the US Family Health Plan, or is covered under Tricare Reserve Select. Tricare beneficiaries who are changing Tricare coverage, such as those switching to Tricare for Life and those Tricare beneficiaries with potentially successful Social Security claims should particularly take heed of the Medicare Part B requirement if they want to continue Tricare coverage. The clear message from Tricare Management Activity to Tricare beneficiaries covered by Medicare Part A is that if they decline Medicare Part B coverage, they do so at their peril as this could terminate Tricare payments of claims. It is possible to later enroll in Medicare Part B for those who decline the initial coverage but substantial penalties could apply. Questions on this requirement should be directed to your Tricare contractor. You can also visit the Tricare website for your region or program as follows.

• North Region: www.healthnetfederalservices.com

• West Region: www.triwest.com

• South Region: www.humana-military.com

• Tricare for Life: www.tricare-4u.com

[Source: NGAUS Leg Up 5 Sep 08 ++]

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