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Tricare Philippine OHI Form 12 August 2008

Posted by Service Officer on August 12th, 2008

The new form, available in the link below was developed to ease the claim processing in the Philippines for two different situations:

1. When an itemized bill/receipt/statement is needed to go along with a claim, but the provider cannot provide one.

2. When one of our beneficiaries has Other Health Insurance (OHI), but the OHI company does not, cannot or will not provide a statement of coverage and what was paid by the OHI.

This form has been reviewed, vetted and approved through the required HQ TRICARE departments as well as the contracting partner, WPS. It is the hope of Tricare Area Office – Pacific (TAO-P) that this form will help ease the claims processing when the above two situations occur. The form is available for download on the TAO-P website: http://tpaoweb.oki.med.navy.mil/, by clicking the button titled “TRICARE In The Philippines”. For questions call (81) 6117-43-2031/29 Camp Lester, Okinawa or email Tony.Ingram@med.navy.mil. [Source: Lt Col Tony Ingram, Chief, Program Operations, TAO-P msg. 11 Aug 08 ++]

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