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Posted by Service Officer on June 8th, 2008

The House with a vote of 416-0 passed a bill 21 MAY that would authorize the Veterans Affairs Department to pay for major medical facility construction projects and leases in fiscal 2009.”

The legislation, H.R.5856: Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Facility Authorization and Lease Act of 2008 sponsored by US Rep. Michael H. Michaud (D-ME), chairman of the Veterans Affairs Health Subcommittee, would authorize approximately $2.1 billion to build new and previously authorized medical facilities, while approximately $60.1 million would be authorized for the VA to lease 12 medical facilities. The VA secretary, meanwhile, would be required to submit an annual report on community-based outpatient clinics to the House and Senate Veterans Affairs committees. The report would include lists of outpatient clinics opened by the department during the preceding fiscal year, those opened during the current fiscal year and proposals for clinics to be opened in the following fiscal year. [Source: Congressional Quarterly Johnson article 21 May 08 ++]

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