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United States Military Retiree Activities Office Davao City, Philippines


Posted by Service Officer on June 8th, 2008

Most Tricare users are aware that Tricare by law is always the last payer over any other type of medial care insurance (including Medicare) that a user has. However, this does not apply to Medicaid. Medicaid is essentially a welfare program, providing medical benefits for people under various state welfare programs (such as Aid to Families with Dependent Children) or who qualify by reason of being determined to be “medically indigent” based on a means test. Congress enacted P.L. 97-377 with the intent that no class of Tricare beneficiary should have to resort to welfare programs; therefore, Medicaid was exempted from these double coverage provisions. Whenever a Tricare beneficiary is also eligible for Medicaid, Tricare is always the primary payer. Medicaid can supplement Tricare. [Source: Washington Times Sgt Shaft article 19 May 08 ++]

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