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Philippine DEERS Registration Update

Posted by Service Officer on March 17th, 2008

Philippine DEERS Registration Update 03: The ID card station in the U.S. Embassy compound will be closed on 20, 25, & 27 MAR 08. Normal operations will resume on 1 APR. The DEERS/RAPIDS ID Card workstation located at window 3 in the Social Security and Veteran s Affairs section at the U.S. Embassy Manila is normally open on a first come, first served basis on Tuesdays and Thursdays. All questions should be directed to SPC Babcock @ 0920-911-8964 on TUE & THUR between the hours of 08-1700. Workstation hours of operation are as follows:

- MON-WED-FRI Closed

- TUE & THUR 08-1100 & 1400-1630.

- Closed on all weekends and U.S./Philippine federal holidays.

The following personnel are eligible for DOD ID Cards:

- Active duty members, retired members, and members of the Reserve components not on active duty in excess of 30 days.

- Retired Reserve members who have reached their 60th birthday.

- Family members of military sponsors on active duty for more than 30 consecutive days.

- Family members of retirees (with pay).

- Family members of Ready Reserve (Selected, Individual and Standby Reservists) Family members of Retired Reservists, who have qualified for retired pay at age 60, yet have not reached age 60.

- Un-remarried or unmarried former spouses previously enrolled in DEERS.

- Medal of Honor recipients and their eligible family members.

- One hundred percent disabled veterans and their family members. One hundred percent must result from one or more rated disabilities. Those who receive 100% as a result of unemployable status are not eligible.

- Former members having reached age 60 and in receipt of retired pay for non-regular service, and their family members.

Also eligible are survivors of the following:

- Active duty members.

- Retired with pay members.

- Reserve members on active or inactive duty.

- Retirement-eligible reservists who died prior to transfer to the Retired Reserve (Reservists who were still participating).

- Retired reserve members who qualify for pay at age 60 but die before reaching age 60.

As a general guideline, it is highly recommended the sponsor be present when renewing ID cards. If the sponsor cannot be present, have the sponsor go to their nearest DEERS/RAPIDS ID Card section and print out a DD Form 1172 for whatever dependents are having their ID cards renewed. The sponsor MUST be present when initially enrolling a dependent in DEERS. If not, the sponsor will have to enroll you in DEERS from whatever duty station he/she is currently serving or is closest and send you a DD Form 1172. Upon receipt you may come in to get an ID card. Bring at least three (3) forms of ID with you to the US Embassy as you will have to surrender two (2) of them to guard stations before coming to the Social Security section. If you do not meet any of the above requirements but believe you are entitled to benefits, do not hesitate to call. SPC Babcock will work with you in preparing an information packet and present it to a service project officer on your behalf. If they approve your case, you will receive all entitled benefits as well as an ID card. At no point will you be charged for anything inclusive of all ID cards, forms and assistance. If someone is trying to charge for something relating to DEERS/RAPIDS call 0920-911-8964 and advise Babcock of the details.

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